Alex Fournier-Level

I am broadly interested in understanding how organisms develop strategies to successfully adapt to their environment.​

This is me...

​ ​​During my PhD in the laboratory of Diversity and Adaptation of Grape and Mediterranean Plant Species at SupAgro Montpellier, my focus was to understand the genetic basis of grape color, using quantitative and population genetics tools.
I then moved to the Schmitt Lab at Brown University (now moved to UC Davis) to conduct postdoctoral research on plant adaptation to local climate, developing new competence in structural equation modelling of correlated traits in collaboration with Dave Remington at the University of NC in Greensboro and life-history modelling in collaboration with Jessica Metcalf at the University of Oxford (now at Princeton University).
I then moved to very different horizons as I was granted a Human Frontier in Science fellowship to study the cost of climate adaptation in the capacity of flies to develop insecticide resistance in Robin Lab at the University of Melbourne.
I have now started my research group at the University of Melbourne where I am working on the research projects presented here. I invite prospective graduate students interested in studying adaptation to contact me and discuss opportunities.

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