Andhika R. Putra

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“How do plants react to climate change?” This is the driving question of my research, which primarily involves developing predictive models of plant response to climate change. More specifically, I am interested in understanding how patterns of intraspecific genetic variation interact with, and are influenced by, recent and forthcoming climate change.

I first joined the Adaptive Evolution lab as a Master’s student. My Master’s project was focused on developing a model that could predict Arabidopsis thaliana traits across genotypes and environments. The model was applied to different climate change scenarios to predict plant response to climate change. An implementation of the model that predicts phenotypes across Europe can be found here.

My PhD will be addressing similar themes. I aim to extend individual-based models to populations and account for demographic processes like gene flow and selection. The goal is to better understand how individual trait variation translates to impacts on population vital rates.

To learn more about my project, you can go here, contact me here, or message me on Twitter .