Andhika R. Putra

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​ After obtaining my bachelor's in genetics, I decided to join the Adaptive Evolution lab as a Master's student. Now I am working with Alex Fournier-Level to predict climate adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana .

The architecture underlying climate adaptation in plants complex. Not only is it polygenic, it is also very much tied to the environment the plants are occupying. Consequently, inferences about the genes important in climate adaptation are often not applicable to populations beyond the one studied.

For my project I will be aiming to develop a model that can predict Arabidopsis thaliana phenotypes (days to bolting, leaf length, seed number) using a combination of genomic and environmental data. The ultimate goal is to have a model that can predict the phenotypes of a plant grown in a given environment and possessing a particular genotype. Additionally, we would like to know which genes and environmental parameters are most informative for predicting said phenotypes.

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