Jefferson F. Paril

my fudging face

​ My interests range from crop improvement to building software for quantitative and population genetics modelling. I worked on maize field trials to improve abiotic and biotic stresses resistance/tolerance in the Philippines. During my masters I worked on genomic selection in maize.

​ I am now working with Alex Fournier-Level on the evolution of herbicide resistant weeds in agricultural ecosystems. I am currently working on a low-cost and unbiased colorimetric protocol for quantifying herbicide resistance of individual plants: instaGraminoid. I hope to use this to quantify plant health in general. I have also pieced together a rough Pool-ddRADseq simulation framework. Pool-ddRADseq or pool sequencing coupled with double digest restriction-associated DNA sequencing as a low cost approach to generating genomic data from populations or pools of individuals for quantitative and population genetics applications. The rest of my projects are found in my gitlab page.

For more information you can contact me here. Also I'm trying to document my work in real-time here and also here.

Currently in my PhD project in the context of Pool sequencing, I'm trying to find the optimum SNP filtering parameters to maximise the accuracy of allele frequency estimates and the number of SNPs available for downstream applications e.g. Pool-GWAS through GWAlpha and genomic prediction:

Finding the optimum compromising parameters to maximise allele frequency accuracy and SNP count (Click for full screen)