Jose Teodoro J. Velasquez (Ted)

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​ I am a Master of Science (BioSciences) graduate from the Fournier-Level lab. My research is about the effect of different climates across two generations of Arabidopsis thaliana, with a goal to find possible effects related to transgenerational plasticity.

Arabidopsis thaliana is a good model organism to answer these questions because it is an annual, which means one generation of its life cycle finishes in a year. The organism is also very well studied, with multiple genome sequences available from the 1001 Genomes Project [1].

​ The research was done by screening 135 genotypes sampled out of 1135 naturally occurring genotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana with available genome sequences, then they were treated across 4 transgenerational treatments, and observing for general trends was done through structural equation model analysis, then looking for specific trends in specific genotypes was done to find genotypes of A. thaliana observed to have a reasonable capacity for transgenerational plasticity. Transcriptomic analysis was also performed on the said genotypes to find differentially expressed genes, and other transcript characteristics that may be observed.

​ References

​ 1. The 1001 Genomes Consortium. 1,135 Genomes Reveal the Global Pattern of
Polymorphism in Arabidopsis thaliana. Cell. 2016;166:481–91.

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